zoom meeting in progress
ZOOM-ing out of control, or Working remote remotely

This remote meeting thing is out of hand. Anyone else notice this? Around here, where my husband has always worked in cyber, things are pretty much “back to normal.” Yay! That means husband goes to the office, meets people in person and needs to travel to do work.

Except… the expectation is that workers are present for Zoom/Skype/Teams at the same level or similar to during COVID lockdowns! So instead of traveling to a city to spend time with people in person there, he has to book hotels and meetings that he has traveled to get to around making sure he can be sequestered in his hotel room for video calls with other people in remote locations so he doesn’t miss any of it.

My sister aptly calls it Working remote remotely.

It is kind of nuts. Just as everyone collectively decided to use Zoom and the like, can we collectively decide to go back to using old-fashioned conference call-in numbers? Then you can at least be in transit and not need your face on a call.

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