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Megan Thompson

Parenting Coach

Are you pregnant with your first baby? Or do you want to hit a reset button—are you drowning in motherhood and need a fresh start? Do you need more peace and harmony in your home but don’t know how to get there?

I’m here to help.

Using my signature THRIVE process, I help moms through the biggest transition of their lives— welcoming a baby. Over 3 months, we come up with a plan (well, what we can plan for!) to get her ready for the first 6 months of her baby’s life. We start by getting to what she wants out of family life. We quiet the noise of expectations around her. We listen to what her heart is telling her. Do you want to return to work soon after a short maternity leave or take an extended maternity leave? Do you feel a deep desire to stay home long-term? The dilemma is real, but you have the instincts to get there. 

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After our meetings, you can feel more prepared for birth and your postpartum journey. We assess your need for household support. I’ll show you how to set up your home and prepare for the rhythm of family life. There are no right answers, just a judgment-free zone to help you figure out what you need and most importantly, what you want.

I also help moms with strategies for introducing a new baby or multiples to siblings and ways they can increase peace in the home. As a mom of twins (and a twin myself!) I offer a unique perspective on welcoming twins to your family!

I have been doing this mom thing for 13 years. I’ve never lived near my extended family. I’ve moved with my family 5 times, including a stint abroad. We’ve been through highs and lows, and shed tears of joy and sadness. The thing I hope you take away from our time together is that it’s always better, TOGETHER. And it’s worth thinking it through, and learning to be intentional for what is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a mother.

My Signature THRIVE Process

The Thrive Method for High Achiever Moms 



Start by taking inventory of what times of day you feel energized and depleted.



Take steps to get your heart, home and relationship with your partner flowing in a peaceful way to create intention for the family life you want. We dive into each of these categories. The goal is not perfection, but rather to lean on your strengths and identify where you need support to build a harmonious foundation to grow a family.



Reflection: Enter motherhood with a soul at rest. Describing what it is like to be a mom is like describing a beautiful musical composition. You have to listen or experience something like music or motherhood to really understand what it’s really like, but you can prepare for it by reflecting on your past, present and what you want for your future.



Listen to your heart. If you step away from the noise other people’s expectations for you as a mother, what do you want? You were made for this moment. You were created with intuition. Trust it.



Advocate for your needs and desires in this new role that you will have the privilege of having for the rest of your life.



Put your plan into action: Contact hiring agencies or reach out to mommy social networks to hire help or build new friendships. Ask for commitment from friends or family members that are emotionally healthy for baby’s first six months with an end date. Find mom groups to support this season of your life. Find a therapist you like so you can call after birth if you need support.


Let’s do this together