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Top 4 Best Hiding Spots for Gifts

If you celebrate Christmas and need a place to stash gifts before you put them under the tree here are my 4 top hiding spots. Watch out for those little sneaky peekers!

Best hiding spots for Christmas gifts

1. Large black trash bags: Black trash bags are magical. Bag up unwrapped and wrapped presents in large black trash bags and stash in places like where you put donations. Put a bag with donation-bound items on top of bags of gifts in the closet so if they peek in the top one they think it’s all donations under there. You can see through white trash bags.

2. Suitcases: Stuff gifts in suitcases as you are purchasing them and after they are wrapped. It makes it easy to move them too! Load them up and then put suitcases back in their normal spot. Put an empty suitcase or two in front or on top of your suitcases just to throw off those little ones who can sniff out a gift.

3. Storage bins: Put a label on the bin for something boring like “Extension cords” and fill it with gifts.

4. Your closet: You don’t have time to get creative so you throw them in the back of your closet, throw some towels or a sheet over the gifts and hope for the best.


Merry Christmas! What do YOU want for Christmas, mama?