Parenting tips from The Rabbit Listened

The other day, one of our children was howling and everything and everyone was setting him off. My husband sat next to him on the couch and didn’t say one word. They just sat in silence while my son’s wails quieted down to whimpers. I would’ve tried talking through it (which doesn’t even work in the heat of a white-hot feeling!).

The Rabbit Listened is a children’s picture book by Cori Doerrfeld that is so simple, yet contains one of the best lessons we both have adapted as parents.

The Rabbit Listened by Cori DoerrfeldWhen Taylor is sad, she isn’t sure what to do and a parade of animals come by with their own answer of how she should act. The chicken wants to talk, then the bear comes, and so on, but then the rabbit arrives. The rabbit sits next to her and listens.

So when I don’t have answers or feel like “fixing” my kids’ anger or sadness– sometimes I have to take a deep breath and just know my presence is enough.

My husband knew what our child needed at that moment. Fifteen minutes later our son was completely fine and ran off to play with a broom.

Shout out to the dads whose calm presence comforts their children and who take the time to just be with them.

♥ Megan