coffee being made
One Day, One Work Trip At A Time

Today a mom said, “I don’t know how you do it. You’re amazing!” as I walked my kids into school. I welled up with tears. My husband has been gone for a week for work and we just got this school year off the ground. A few of my kids had jumbo-size feelings this week as they are adjusting to school. Big feelings. Tired mom.

I felt overwhelmed by all the things to remember. I had to make a chart for who has to wear PE clothes which day, what kid needs their library book- that kind of thing. I cut out some sports practices too, just to stay home and sane, but it still felt like a lot. The kids come home and want mommy time- get some eye contact and be loved on. The only thing is there are 5 of them and one of me.

To have someone see you, and just say you’re doing a good job—that just feels good, right? I need to verbally acknowledge other mamas too!

I stayed calm when I felt like raising my voice this morning getting out the door. I was able to make the kids laugh when two bickered with each other in the car and we changed the subject. I screw up lots, and lose my patience or don’t always say the right thing—but today I’m counting the good things I do and cutting myself some slack.

When daddy travels, we all miss him. He misses us too. We got used to having everyone home during COVID.

I cried for a few minutes when I pulled away from the school. I needed a few minutes just to let the feelings pass through my body. I used to try to just look on the bright side right away and felt ashamed for feeling down, but now I’m like let’s just say it out loud and sit in it for a bit. Are you honest with yourself when you feel overwhelmed or anxious? Do you give yourself permission to sit in uncomfortable emotions for a few minutes? If being emotionally efficient is the goal (I am NOT a therapist, just trying to stay level and grounded for myself and my peeps!), I tend get back to being okay and perk up much faster when I’m just honest and stop avoiding it. And then I can look in my rearview mirror and see the bright side a little more clearly. I wipe away my tears and take a big gulp of coffee. I’m gonna be okay.

Work travel is hard. It’s hard on moms, dads and kids but it’s going to happen more and more post-pandemic, so let’s get honest with ourselves and brew some more coffee to get through it!