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I guide hyper-busy, high-achieving mamas in rediscovering joy and purpose as they move beyond the early childhood years so they can create a personalized success plan for their unique family.

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I’m a parenting coach and lifestyle writer based in Silicon Valley. After graduating from Columbia University Journalism School and interning at The New York Times, I had my first baby… and then 4 more! Before that, I worked at MSNBC on both the digital and broadcasting sides. 


I love a cozy Saturday night with my family in our jammies, which evolves as they grow from babies all the way to teens. It gets more and more fun as they get older, but I do love those baby snuggles. 


As a mama of 5, I’ve raised kids (and twins!) in cities, suburbs and abroad. I know firsthand what it’s like to navigate the complexities of modern parenting and partnership while trying to nurture a happy, loving home for my family. 


I’ve always been wired for ambition– so I know what it’s like to drop into motherhood and need some help tuning into what my heart wants and how to make it all work.


I write on a range of lifestyle topics and I’m here to help other mamas prepare and get clarity for the most incredible, rewarding and beautiful season of their life.

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Have you launched your youngest into kindergarten? What you’ll find here is coaching for moms who have survived the early childhood years and are ready to reconnect, rediscover and renew in their next chapter of motherhood. We’re moms who want to create a home life that helps our entire family become the best, healthiest version of themselves. Learn more about the

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Megan is the real deal. Her presence is undeniably strong but instantly made me feel comfortable. She is easy to open up to and holds space for vulnerability. Megan is a brilliant professional, loving mother and dedicated partner. She practices what she speaks.

Rachel W.

Los Angeles
Motherhood is hard and definitely doesn’t come with a roadmap but chatting with Megan about my current situation and future goals was like a breath of fresh air! Discussing mom challenges with her feels like a heart-to-heart with that wise BFF who just gets it- all good vibes, no judgment.

Amy B.

Phoenix, AZ

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